MicroWavy® owes its existence to its inventor’s kids. His kids love to make snacks that involve several steps. Like mac n cheese, with 2 of those steps using the microwave. Taking food in and out requires special care, especially for kids. And so MicroWavy® was invented. Now it’s the best way for his kids to safely make their favourite snacks, except for popcorn. Never use MicroWavy® to make popcorn.

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But MicroWavy® has gone way further, into the kitchens of countless cooks and people who just want to cook or heat a meal quickly and safely. They also love the added bonus of not having to constantly clean the glass tray because spills and boilovers are contained in the base tray.

No wonder everyone loves their MicroWavy®!

Safety First

Safety First

MicroWavy® is all about safety. For you – and your kids. Its unique construction is engineered perfectly to suit a wide range of uses. But one thing you should know is that once you’ve used MicroWavy®, you’ll never be without it.

If your kids are very young, make sure you always supervise them around the microwave. As they see you using your MicroWavy®, they’ll grow up to use it too.

MicroWavy® is also perfect for an older family member or friend. When someone is elderly, they could have trouble with balance or shakiness. With MicroWavy® on hand, they can be confident about staying safe.



While microwaves are super convenient, they can also get pretty dirty. Food splashes, liquid and food spills seem to happen almost every day. And they can be hard to clean, especially if the splashes and spills are burnt on. As for the glass tray, it’s not only a pain to wash, but if you’re not careful, it can slip in the soapy water and break.

But MicroWavy® doesn’t just keep the glass tray clean. It’s perfectly proportioned for a spatter guard to sit on top. So food spatters only go as far as your spatter guard. Your microwave will never be so clean.

Storing Your MicroWavy<sup>®</sup>

Storing Your MicroWavy®

Store your MicroWavy® where it’s always ready for action – in your microwave. When you open the door you’re ready to go.

MicroWavy®. All about you.